» I will Fly

I will Fly © 2008 Joy Davis www.joydavissongs.com

I perch on the edge of something brand new
Excited but scared to make the first move
A nudge from deep inside says take the step.
I feel there is more that I’m called to do
A dream I once dared to dream could come true
If I take the hand of faith and leave the comfort of my nest.


I will fly
Yes I will soar
I will rise high above limits that were set in stone before
There’s greatness within that is urging me to try
So lifted up believing in this power
I will fly

As I start to rise I focus my gaze
On all of the good things coming my way;
I won’t let heavy doubts weigh me down.
If I turn back now I won’t fit the old scene
Cause I sprouted wings when I let myself dream.
And now I soar so high and proud I don’t want to come down so

I will fly

Yes I have my doubts, but experience has shown
The power that brought me this far will lift me to heights unknown