» This too Shall Pass

This too shall Pass Joy Davis Ó 2005 www.joydavissongs.com rjoydavis@hotmail.com

When loneliness surrounds me
When I cannot find a friend
When it seems all my beginnings
Are coming to an end
I repeat, “What doesn’t break me
Will teach me how to bend”
While remembering;
This too shall pass.
This too shall pass

Spirit lives in all things
Both in water and in fire.
So I’ll walk into the furnace
Filled with faith’s desire.
I’ll believe that life’s intentions
Are to bring the highest good
While remembering;

This too shall pass.
This too shall pass.


Even when I’m caught in my self pity
The winds of change are lifting me up high.
They carry me across the sea of what has been.
To a different place, a different time
Verse 3

When success and fortune
Blossom underneath my touch.
When my friends all call me brilliant,
My advice a welcome crutch
I’ll receive their admiration
Take their roses by the bunch

While remembering,
This too shall pass
This too shall pass.