» To You



R. Baker


Vs 1

The trees lift their fingers up to the sky

And dance in the winds that blow

They raise up their arms to reach as high

As they can go


The waters of earth form an ebb and flow

To lift up their waves to God

Then crash them to earth just like cymbals clash

Their Maker to applaud

Climb 1

Do we see all that nature understands?

You are great, You are God the great I Am



To You

To You

To You -They give their praise to You

(2ndx -We give our praise to You)


Mountain peaks high with their valleys low

Wait captive to capture a sound

Then echo it loud for the world to know

That praise even comes from the ground


Then wrapping themselves in their clouds of white

They dress for His Majesty

And stand at attention to honor Him

Who was and is and is to be

Climb 2

When we see all that nature understands Oh

We will lift our own voice to the great I Am