» Outside The Lines


OUTSIDE THE LINES   Rita Baker www.ritabakermusic.com


Vs 1

I cry - I weep

In the darkness while you sleep

The tears like rain fall down silently

Seem to shield you from the pain I feel

An aching to be real



Can I love you outside the lines?

From the inside out

All around about your sheltered heart

Outside the lines

Where it’s full and free

Come and love with me outside the lines


Vs 2

A look - a glance

Wondering if I take the chance

A step - the dance

I’m on my tiptoes

Shall I take the leap at risking our romance?

I need to know…





It’s so hard

We both have our dividing line

You see it your way

I see it mine

But you can count me to cross without the risk of love loss

Can I ? Can I ?