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Christie Thompson Christie Thompson, posted 06/01/16 20:29:48

Hey Dave. We should post Mr. Myers on here! Chris

Kristin Hope Kristin Hope, posted 06/06/12 10:44:36

Hi Dave,
Really enjoyed hearing your songs! I'm hoping you could help me- I'm a lyricist/singer searching for a songwriting partner that has an easy time coming up with original music. The ideal person would live close to the West Chester/Mason/Fairfield Twp area, and be interested in playing a variety of styles of music, that wants to take our talent seriously, but doesn't want to play out every night. My style tends to be a mix of jazz, folk and alt rock most often- with a lot of interest in big band and classical arrangements. Currently, I'm listening to a lot of Adele, Fiona Apple, Florence & the Machine, Civil Wars, Brandi Carlile and Sade. If you know anyone that might be interested, please feel free to pass on my contact info: climbingivy69@yahoo.com or 513-497-0996. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks so much!
Kristin Hope

Christie Thompson Christie Thompson, posted 04/14/11 11:49:10

Cool songs Dave!! Especially like Second Hand Smoke

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