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We Miss You Chad
Chad Griffin Chad Griffin 04/06/15 09:00:57 comments (0)

It has been a little over 1 year since Chad lost his fight with colon cancer.  He died on March 11th, 2014.  We miss him every day.

His music is part of his legacy.  And although he

New Year's Workshop 2013
jmelko jmelko 10/18/12 00:21:33    » Lesson Thoughts and Planning comments (0)

Well, I need to get serious about what this year's workshop will be. We'll be launching the promotion of the Song Gallery, and I'll do a follow-up on the state of the record industry vs. the

New Song (He Can't See Me Cry, In The Rain)
Willie Hawkins Willie Hawkins 06/23/12 21:23:01 comments (0)

A great big thank you to Vaughn Welches, he recorded this for me today. 6-23-12.  Thanks

My Updated Blog
ofrances ofrances 03/30/11 19:51:52 comments (0)

I already have started a blog on another website. Here is the link to learn more about what I'm doing with my

Making Songs Pop
jmelko jmelko 03/11/11 19:27:42    » Lesson Thoughts and Planning comments (0)

Well, so much for my thoughts in February.  I will eventually get back to poignancy and "Focus and Lens", but in the meantime I've decided to do a lesson called "Making Songs Pop" in

One of my favorites
Aaron Pemberton Aaron Pemberton 02/28/11 21:32:29    » Favorite Musicians comments (0)

I've spent a lot of time listening to Nuno Bettencourt, born September 20, 1966 he's about the same age as I am. What he is also would be inspiring. I followed him through the years with Extreme

March 2011 Workshop
jmelko jmelko 02/12/11 17:57:36    » Lesson Thoughts and Planning comments (0)

Well, the February 2011 Advanced Critique is two days away, and it's about time for me to start thinking about the lesson I'll be giving at the Baum in March.  I promised at the Irony workshop

Fun night at Espressoyourself Music Cafe
Dick Plunk Dick Plunk 07/15/10 18:34:21 comments (0)
With open mike, you never know. It might be fun. It might be a bad night - chatty crowd, bad sound system. Last night (Wed), we had a great night. There weren't many performers because it's a new...

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