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Welcome to Songwriters Workshop!
 jmelko, posted 07/29/10 22:15:28 comments 0

This is a house of music.  It’s actually more than a house.  It is a virtual home for the Songwriters Workshop.  It is where we gather and share our music with our community, our friends and the world.  We invite you to visit the “Big Room” featuring songs selected by our community as exceptional examples of our songwriting craft.  We also invite you to visit the individual artist rooms.  There are treasures throughout our home.  You’ll find wonderful songs representing every genre. 

If you are an artist or band looking for that great new song for your project this is the place!  All you have to do is accept the terms in the user agreement and you’ll be able to adapt and perform some of the best music crafted anywhere in the USA.  If you want to record one of our songs, you have access to the artist to work out a mutually agreeable contract.

If you are a music lover enjoy the journey as you explore the creative talents of our experienced songwriters and marvel at the progress of those learning the craft.  Once you register for the site, you can vote for your favorite songs and post comments in our forums. 

There is no other organization that we know of that consistently promotes both community and the quality of craft the way we do.  We believe this is the key to the quality of the songs you find in our home. 

Explore, listen and enjoy!

The Songwriters Workshop 


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