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Christie Thompson
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Christie Thompson is a woman with a passion - a songwriter consumed with songwriting and intent on sharing life lessons through her songs.

With a vibrant personality and persevering spirit, Christie worked in many industries over the years from sales person to housing inspector. At the time, she and her husband were raising their three children, but today, those life experiences plus her love for reading provides her with a wide range of song ideas.

Christie has lived through some of the worst life has to offer, yet today she is standing tall as a strong and confident woman. While walking through the pain of a heart wrenching life storm, she picked up pen and paper and began journaling. Having found her passion, she began to take he writing seriously, joining NSAI and learning the craft of songwriting.

Always encouraging her children to follow their dreams, her daughter, Casey, is currently a bright shining star on Nashville’s horizon. Now that her children are grown, it’s Christie’s turn to follow her own dreams and to catch the attention of Nashville.

While living in Georgetown, Kentucky Christie was able to learn and create, but she knew that to take it to the next level she had to make contacts in the music industry. Therefore, with the support of her family, she began traveling to Nashville. During one of those trips, she contacted Justin Peters at Songs for the Planet, Inc., and suddenly her dreams turned to reality. Signing an exclusive songwriting agreement with LITA Music is just the break she needed.

Her growth in songwriting has escalated since the signing. She feels the freedom she never felt before - allowing her songs to breathe and to be who they are - country, blues or whatever. Her boundaries are expanding and the future holds endless possibilities.

Always searching for poignant lyrics, pen and paper are always within reach, even on the nightstand beside her bed. If s song is working, she may not sleep until the right line comes. While Christie is honing her God-given skills, she is enjoying every step of the journey.

Her goals are simple - continue learning, write with new co-writers and, of course, get cuts! And she is on track to do all of that and more. She has the wisdom to share and the talent to do it. Christie Thompson lives and breathes songwriting - she is coming into her own - so get ready Nashville!


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Christie Thompson
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